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    Photoshop CS6 Colour Management Printing issue




      We use Photoshop and 2 x Epson 9800 printers to print our images, we used to use CS4 and have recently upgraded to CS6.


      We are having a problem with the “Colour Management” settings in the Printer Settings window. We choose for Photoshop to Manage Colours and select our ICC profile and Rendering Intent and Black Point. Our problem is that these settings reset each time we switch between our 2 printers back to “Photoshop Manages Colours” so we have keep selecting the same settings over and over again. This never happened on CS4.


      How do we save these settings so that they do not reset each time we switch between printers.


      I don’t think it has any relevance but we have our printer’s settings set to “No Colour Management” as the warning states.


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