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    Replace the text character by character contribute written font Arial



      Lord please help me with the decision.

      I need to make a multi-line six indesign change the characters, but only for a certain type (style) of the font.

      How to replace any kind of script I would have understood.

      We adjust FindChangeList.txt file and executes the appropriate script.

      After a test run indesign produced an error at line text {findWhat: "î"} {changeTo: "श्न"} {includeFootnotes: true, includeMasterPages: true, includeHiddenLayers: true, wholeWord: false} with the comment that the expected closing brace}

      Do not quite understand why.

      I would be very grateful for your help.



      That is, in a nutshell:

      You need to replace the text character by character font Arial contribute written such