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    Feature requests: What would you like to add or improve?

    zarrdave Level 2

      I couldnt see a way to start the question of what features we, (the PS Touch for Phone) community would like to see.


      Ok, it'll probably never be like the full version of Photoshop but some features if possible might improve user experience for some.



      Any one any suggestions?


      I'll start the ball rolling:


      1. Support for layers when importing a Desktop CS6 file into PS Touch for Phone (hereafter called PSTP to save re-typing).
      2. Support for vector data and editing, especially when importing. i.e. non-destructive editable boxes/ shapes with curved edges, gradients etc that can be re-sized.
      3. Editable text - or am I doing something wrong? Seems after creating text that you're stuck with it. Can this be editable so the font/ size/ colour etc can be changed at a later date?
      4. Option to reduce the size of the navigation buttons to free up more "desktop" real estate space. I'm running this on a Galaxy Note 1 so have a stylus and can therefore have much smaller buttons, but appreciate if you're using your fiunger then by default you'd want larger buttons.



      I'll keep on adding others as I use it more and more.


      BTW, thanks Adobe - good start, keep it up.