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    Failure to provide a serial code


      This post is an attempt to attract someone from Adobe to help as every time i call, live chat or e-mail i receive nothing but empty promises and incompetence.


      Well over a month ago (34 days since i opened this case) i requested a serial code for Student and teacher Photoshop elements. After chasing this more than anybody should need to i was given the a serial code for the wrong version. after more chasing i was (for the 4th time) promised a resolution within 24/48 hours, it has now been 168 hours.


      I could understand if this was a complex issue but alas it is just requesting a serial number. i know it can be done in 30mins as i was given the incorrect one in that time. All the information has been provided accurately when requested. i even resubmitted the information twice through the edu-verify site and had both cases closed with no resolution or explanation.


      I am having a very hard time justifying why my employer should purchase volume copies if single copies provided so much hassle. I will be avoiding adobe in the future and have been disgusted with the lack of support and complete lack of accountability in trying to get issues resolved.



      Does anybody else have these issues with adobe (lack) of customer support? or know where or who to contact to try to get this resolved?


      In the hope that this might help here is the ever ongoing case number #0210019043