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    Behaviour of client.getStats() with edge-orgin fms is anomalous

    Crimson Sahil Level 1



      In first case my application's bandwidth monitor is working fine with NON-edge origin configuration of fms. I see correct values in up and down bytes that are sent and received between clients.


      For an edge-origin configuration these values are not coming as they should.



      The first client connection to the edge looks like working normally his sent and received bytes are shown fine, but for the second and subsequent connections the  bytes of data received by client is 0 and does not change although data "is" received by the client.


      Also, suppose client A sends some data to server, so his up data bytes should be shown to him only. But in edge origin configuration client A's up data bytes "value" is shown  to all other connected clients as "their" up data bytes with their down bytes values as 0...


      Where could be the problem, what should i check? any xml settings missing?


      Please help.


      I am checking this on fms 3.5.3 developer edition as orgin server and 3.5.7 developer edition as edge server.