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    New Tabs

      I use RoboHelp Office X5. How would I get a new tab for videos to be added where the current tabs are for Index and Contents and such? I could also possibly do a video button at the top of the chm file as an alternative.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Brook21679.
          I suspect that the limitations of CHM files have nothing to do with RoboHelp and everything to do with the Microsoft Help Compiler which RH uses. It limits the tabs that appear in a CHM file. As such there is no way of adding a tab although you can choose which tabs to display.
          Could you get around this problem by having a series of topics - each of which conatins a single video - which is added to a book in the TOC. You could even index the topics to allow your users to find the right video.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi Brook21679

            In addition to what Colum offered, I like the idea of using one of the Custom buttons available.

            Yes, you can modify the tabs, as we see from RoboHelp, you can add a tab, but it also requires a .DLL to make it work.

            Cheers... Rick