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    Adobe Reader XI Silent Updates Not Installing under Standard Users




      I'm new to this forum and hope someone could assist. I have tried looking for the answer to my question and could not find it so I apologize if it has been asked or been answered several times. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


      First off I have applied and received a license to distribute Adobe Flash Player and Reader just to be clear on the legal side of things. Anyway, the issue I am having is with the "Automatically install updates" or silent install feature with Adobe Reader XI not installing under standard or non-admin users. My understanding was that by enabling this option, the auto update feature should run and update even for non-admin users. About half of my machines are running Windows 7 SP1 and the other half Windows XP SP3. If an update is ready to install it will automatically install right away when an admin user logins in but not a standard user.


      Let me provide some more info on how I distributed Adobe Reader XI if this helps any. I first used the Adobe Customization Wizard XI to modify the installer to: Suppress the EULA, Remove all versions of Reader, Run Installation silently, and to Suppress reboot. I then deployed the install via SCCM 2007 using the following command line: msiexec.exe /qn /i "AcroRead.msi" TRANSFORMS="AcroRead.mst". I have made a couple of registry changes via Group Policy to enable bUpdater and set iCheck to 3 (auto install updates).


      I hope this provides enough info on my issue and any help will be really, really appreciated.


      Thank you.