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    Recommend a very good hosting provider

    ToreJohnHelle Level 1

      We are on our way to launch an application globally that we expect to become very, very large already during 2013. It is totally Cloud based.


      Can any of you recommend a ColdFusion provider who  can scale and deliver from very small to  extremely large demands from new customers?


      We come from PHP, have no previous experience with ColdFusion, so we also need a provider with extremely good support. We have just signed up with Hostec.com only to  find that their support is nearly non-existent and that their own software has serious flaws. (I could not sign up this morning because they did not recognize my password. A New password request presented the wrong question combined with the answer from another question).


      When this takes off it is of  extreme importance that the provider both can scale and deliver quick  and correct support.


      If you do not want to publish an answer on the web you can send me a private email to tore.john.helle@epicss.com


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