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    Permission sensitive caching and sticky connection

    katrienj Level 1

      We have the following set-up:


      WEB1 --> connects to PUB1 and PUB2

      WEB2 --> connects to PUB1 and PUB2


      There is a load balancer before WEB1 and WEB2.


      WE have sticky connection enabled in the dispatcher config file on WEB1 and WEB2.

      We also have PSC enabled in the dispacher config file on WEB1 and WEB2


      The following scenario in the contects of PSC:

      1) User logs in via WEB1 on PUB1

      2) User tries downloading a resource

      3) Dispatcher checks first if user is authorised to download content

      4) If so, serves from cache, otherwise does not grant permission to download


      The problem lies with step 3). Because a user is only logged in on one PUB instance only (the login token is created on only one Pub instance, we're using OOB user reg from Adobe CQ) the dispatcher needs to check the user's authorisation on that PUB instance (PUB1 in our case). But despite having sticky connection turned on, the dispatcher will make the authorization check alternatingn between PUB1 and PUB2.


      Anyone else having this issue? What can we do about it?


      Any help greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,