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    Premiere Elements 11 SmartSound

    granolakid Level 1

      I have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 for mac OS 10.6.8 and have been learning the program from Classroom in a book.  In chapter 9, page 228, the lesson on audio has you add background music with SmartSound.  I follow the instructions and have tried a number of times.  I have rebooted my computer.  But to no avail.  After I have selected Owned Title, In the style column corporate/Industrial, in keyword- Futuristic and in the Title window Future Progress, the instructions #10 the words variation and mood are black but the arrows are gray. In  #11 it tells  you to click the Mix button and send.  The send button is grayed out.  I am unable to use this aspect of the program.  I would appreciate help on getting this aspect of the program working.


      Thank you.