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    dynamically adding constraintRows

      so, Grid is now deprecated. I thought I would try and embrace the new constraint layout API. One of my use cases of Grid is to dynamically create and remove rows based on user input. I tried to do the same thing with ConstraintRow and was successful. However, it get's really slow after a couple of new row additions. compile using FB 3 B2. click on "make new row" button a couple of times and you'll see what I mean.

      If anyone has any insight on how to make this not suck, it would be
      greatly appreciated.

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          munkybot Level 1
          This was cross posted to flexcoders and Peter was kind enough to answer over there.

          Answer: update to a nightly build. I was using the stock SDK which came with Flex Builder 3 Beta 2. Updated to nightly build #187237 and everything works. Not sure what the minimum nightly build number is to fix this issue.