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    Cannot open images from picasa/instant upload/google cloud


      The majority of my photos are stored in google cloud... in picasa galleries, and google instant upload galleries.  I can open a photo from local storage on my phone with no problem, but I cannot open any of the photos from the cloud.  The instant upload and picasa snyc are a huge part of google's ecosystem and android's gallery.  Other photo editing apps on the market can open all of the photos seemlessly, but photoshop cannot.  If I open a photo from instant upload, or a picasa gallery, it does nothing and returns to the main screen of the app.  This is a major problem for me.  Any solutions or planned fixes?


      To clarify, in case this is vague... if I go to the "new project from" screen, then select "photo library", my gallery opens, with my camera folder, facebook folder, instagram folder, instant upload gallerys, picasa galleries, etc... everything is visible.  If I choose anything that is local (camera, facebook, instagram, etc), then it opens fine.  If I choose anything that is in the cloud (instant upload galleries, picasa galleries), the app goes back to the start and never opens the photo.


      Phone is a galaxy nexus running 4.2.2, but i suspect this will be the same across all phones.