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    AIR SDK to Target Flash Player 9

    Chris Manuel Level 1

      I'm developing a project that targets Flash Player 9.  Is there any way in an FB4.7  pure Actionscript project to target the Player version, not the AIR SDK version? If not, what is the AIR version that targets Flash Player 9? I know that I can set the Player version in the compiler settings but the earliest AIR version I have installed is 3.6 which asks for at minimum Player version 10.1.


      As an alternative, I'm considering using a Flash Pro format FB4.7 project and wondered if there is any drawback to using the Flash Pro compiler? I'm assuming that a Flash Player 9 targetted project would use the newer compiler.


      Edit: It appears that even the Flash Pro project in FB4.7 points to the AIR sdk. So which AIR sdk supports Player 9?