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    Flash Player on e-machine with Win 7


      I have another computer recently purchased - an e-machine running Windows 7.  I can't get Flash player to run.

      When I bring up a item that will have "Flash Player" required and a link to install - this I have done hundereds of times - no exageration - but even though it responds with "download successful" it will not run or display the item that needs flash.


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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          I understand that it is difficult to determine which forum to post in since there are so many. This particular forum (sharing and storage) was created to help those transitioning from Photoshop.com to Adobe Revel. I am moving your post to the correct forum so that it can get proper attention.


          I'll put  this posting in the flash community so the experts there can help you.

          We also have many other forums relating to other Adobe products




          Out of curiosity, can you tell me how you found our forum page?

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