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    I Cannot Figure Out How To Create A Signature Spot! Help Please!

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      I'm not very good at all this stuff.  Long story short I have a contract drawn up that I need to use for doing business with my customers.  At the bottom I want to leave a box where they simply click when they're reading the PDF, and it allows them to draw in a signature.


      I first encountered this kind of thing on a W2 form, and it was so easy it worked without even pulling me off the browser.


      I have Acrobat Pro 10.1.1, but I simply cannot figure out how to do this.


      If anyone has the time, step-by-step instructions that a 6-year-old could follow is probably necessary with this.


      It would be so much appreciated.


      Thank you.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible that the W2 you used was set up with the EchoSign service. It allows you to draw a signature with a mouse. This is available as well with more recent versions of Reader (10.1+) if the form isn't Reader-enabled or secured. You will see this in the Sign panel when the document is opened in Reader.


          You can otherwise get an EchoSign account and upload your document and send it to your customers through the EchoSign service. You can establish a free account to see how it works.