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    Has anyone used a Quardro 4000 for 10-bit output to a monitor


      Hey Gang,


      I'm trying to set something up that uses a quadro 4000 for outputting my source and program monitors while I'm using them to an external monitor.  I have a Flanders LM-2461W.  I also have a black magic Decklink Extreme 3d, but I'm not at all happy with it's peformance with r3d files.  I mostly work with red footage, and I can't view any of my material on my external monitors.  I need to output like a 1080 signal from my 4k files.  My old Kona card did this beautifully, but for some reason, this black magic card seems to fall short.  I really want to keep the black magic for use with Resolve though.  I need to monitor resolve on my flanders.  I've heard of people using the display port on a Quadro 4000 to output out of premiere, and I'm curious if anyone has done with with r3d footage.