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    Email upon Publishing

    delaneypub Level 1
      Is there a way to have Contribute (on the server) send an email whenever anyone Publishes a web page through Contribute? We are using Contribute CS3 on the client and CPS on the server. This email would used to notify the webmaster of all changes (publishes) to the site, without having to have Contribute open all of the time.
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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee
          There is no way of sending email on publish or any other operations, but if the site is managed by the Publishing Server, then log will be created. To view the log, login to the CPS console, through https://localhost:8900/contribute/admin/server.cfm , select the Website Settings listed in the Service Settings category. There select the Log tab and click View log. Email notification is given, when they receive a drafts for review and when their sent drafts change in status.