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    Workflow for Creating Encore Menu in Photoshop

    soloalpinist Level 1

      This question deals with working between Encore and Photoshop CS5... I hope this is the proper Forum to post. I'll post in the Photoshop Forum as well...


      I'm creating a DVD menu from scratch in Photoshop CS5 to be used in authoring a DVD in Encore.  I originally created a new Photoshop Document using the "Film/Video Preset" for NTSC DV Widescreen... which is 720x480 at 72ppi.   There is also the "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" setting which Photoshop warns is "used only for preview" . 


      My confusion comes from trying to design all the elements of my menu at this 720x480/ 72ppi  Film/Video Preset. The image is too small to work with an looks pixelated as hell.  SO... should I be working with a larger, higher-res image for design ... and THEN Free Transform the high-res image  to a new Photoshop document created with the Film/Video Preset?  And if so... should the "Pixel Aspect Ration Correction" be turned ON or OFF when I Free-Transform the image to the document? 


      I'm trying to get everything right in terms of settings so this menu will work properly in Encore... thanks in advance for all positive input....

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I could swear I responded to your thread at Cow, but I see I only thought it and did not do it!


          I suggest you put an Encore library template into a project and use "edit in photoshop" to see how that works.


          PAR correction is on for me, and I think that is the default. That is logical, since standard monitor uses square pixels.


          I think you are better off keeping the menu at the DVD resolution you are going to use. I don't find a problem working at that resolution.


          Keep in mind that ppi is meaningless in video work. It is all about the pixels and par.