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    Questions About Using Photoshop for Creating a Menu for Encore


      I'm creating a DVD Menu in Photoshop CS% for use in Encore authoring a DVD.  My question is about workflow...


      I've tried creating the elements of my menu in Photoshops "Film?Video" Preset which creates a document 720x480 / 72ppi (This is the NTSC Widescreen selection in the Preset)

      The document size is too small to work with... it has to be enlarged to 160% or more... and become terribly pixelated.


      Would a better workflow be to creat my menu in a larger Photoshop document with better resolution... and then free-transform it to a new document created at the Fim/Video Preset?

      Anybody have experience doing this... or a better suggestion?


      Also... in the Film/Video Preset there is a "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" setting that is a preview of the document in Widescreen mode. If I free-transfrom a larger Photoshop document to this Preset should the PAR Correction be turned ON of OFF when I place it?


      Thanks in advance for any positive input...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I create a ton of DVD-Video Menus, using the NTSC (Widescreen, or Standard - each with a different PAR, to accommodate the 16:9, or 4:3), and have never had any issue with pixelation. Where are you seeing this, just in display?


          I do that creation on either a dual 21" CRT workstation, or a 17" Laptop, and have never experienced such issues.


          As the Frame Size for DVD-Video is set (only difference is the PAR for 16:9, or 4:3), creating the Menu in a larger size, and Scaling it down, will involve one of the Scaling algorithms in Image Size Interpolation, Bicubic Sharper, Bicubic Smoother, Bicubic Auto, or Bicubic. As Resampling will need to be done, I find that doing the creation in the exact size needed, is a better method - at least for me.


          Can you post a screen-cap of that pixelation, and let us know where you are seeing it?


          Good luck,



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            soloalpinist Level 1

            Thanks for your fast repy and input Bill...

            I'm attaching 2 captures (1 with PAR Correction "On" one with it "Off")


            I'm working on a Dell U2410 Monitor. I'm viewing the images at approx 161% (these 2 captures were done at that size) 

            I've been increasing the size to approx 160% ...otherwise the image is too small to work with onscreen.


            I originally created this Photoshop document with the following workflow:


            1) I created  a "New" PS document at the Film/Video Preset for NTSC DV Widescreen

            2) I turned "Off" (un-checked) Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction

            3) I dragged the original jpg image of the climber into the Film/Video Document

            3) I free transformed the jpg of the climber to fit the size of the NTSC Film/Video document

            4) I increased the size to approx 161% to be able to work on details.


            Was my workflow incorrect to size the image?

            Should the image look "normal" with the PAR Correction "Off"?

            When doing all the Photoshop work to the image should it be done with PAR Correction off?


            PAR on.JPGPAR off.JPG