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    How do I copy/paste Japanese characters from Word to ID CS5.5?


      I'm using ID CS5.5 as my layout program and helping my girlfriend lay out a children's book she's working on. She's a Spanish professor at a local university. So far, we've done the text in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. But she also wants to provide the book in Japanese, so had one of her colleagues, who is from Japan, translate it and provided the translation to me in the body of an e-mail, which I copied and pasted into Word. However, when I pasted it into the InDesign layout, I get the pink boxes with the "x", indicating that particular font isn't installed. I understand this. I selected one of the Japanese characters and checked the info in Word, finding that it is CJK Unified Ideograph, character code 69D8, keyboard shortcut 69D8, Alt+x. Here is the character:


      Here is one of the sentences in Japanese:



      Is it absolutely impossible to accomplish our goal without having the particular Japanese typset installed on my system that he's using? It's showing up here and in Word. ????? I've done a search and did a lot of reading, but didn't find my exact issue, so just wanted to start fresh and hopefully get some helpful input. If this has been discussed before, I apologize, but didn't find it.




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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Your line breaks will most likely be incorrect if you don't turn on the Japanese Composer.


          It is almost absolutely impossible to accomplish your goal without having a font - any font - installed on your system that has that glyph. However, if it's showing up in Word, than means that you must have that glyph installed, right? What font are you trying to use in InDesign? You might already know that Word will auto-substitute fonts when it encounters a missing glyph, so we really don't know what font is being used to render that one glyph. The whole sentence might be in MS Mincho but one glyph might be pulled from another font if MS Mincho doesn't have that glyph.


          That being said, you're going to break it if you don't know how to set Japanese type in ID. It's not something where you can just copy text out of email and paste into your English layout.

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            David W. Goodrich Level 3

            It may be useful to know that InDesign organizes fonts by broad language categories, and Japanese fonts fall near the bottom of the list.



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              MW Design Level 5

              Have you tried simply placing the Word document?


              This screen shot is from in CS6. Now, I have no idea if it is reading properly. A quick adjustment of the text frame to align with what I see in your example text from my browser size looks right.





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                Ballyshannon Level 1

                Thanks for all the help and guidance!


                With the pink boxes selected (pasted Japanese characters from Word) on a blank page in InDesign, I found a font set on my system named Kozuka Mincho Pro that when selected looks like the characters provided by the Japanese translator. There are actually two of this family.... Kozuka Gothic Pro and Kozuka Mincho Pro. It appears that the Gothic version is san-serif, and the Mincho version is serif. Using these two character sets, I laid out the pages and printed them out for my girlfriend's colleague to proof.


                Hey, it's a start! It'll be interesting to see how it turned out.