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    Readability Scale Plug-in


      Is there an Acrobat Pro 9 readability Scale plug-in? My company has been looking for a reliable tool to test the readability of our documents prior to publication. We have used a free website's program but are concerned about the security of our documents. We have also used Word's readability scale but got different results from the website and are concerned about Word's accuracy. We prefer the Flesch Kincaid grading scale (0-12 grades).

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          CtDave Level 6

          If not already given a look-see you might find N.O. Stockmeyer's article in the Michigan Bar Journal useful.

          The article discusses the issues associated with Word's readability scores, what the scores mean and how to work around the described issues/flaws.

          While there may well be an Acrobat plug-in I suspect that you'd be better off using what is available with Word.
          More widely used, analyzed, etc. 
          Just as the validity of a plug-in might be unverified/tested so too the free web site tool. What is the pedigree for that?

          A thoughtful implementation of what Stockmeyer discusses will, I suspect, provide a higher degree of confidence in the source content from which the PDF is created.

          Regardless, I think you'll find the Stockmeyer article informative and useful.

          Be well...