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    Using clips with varying frame rates




      I've been looking around but have not quite found the answer to this, or the discussions are  a bit more advanced than my skills...


      I've just done a major leap from CS2 to CS6 so I am having to do a lot of relearning. 


      I just did a mulit-camera shoot for a  kayaking documentary, and being low-budget, had to take what I can get camera-wise. Therefore, I have footage from my Sony AVCHD cam at 50fps, DLSR, Contour cam and Go-Pro footage at 29.97, and more DSLR at 25.  All of it is 1920 x 1080.  And of course, they all come as different file types:  .m2ts; .mov; .mp4.


      What is the best way to handle this?  Do I set up the project at 50fps and reinterpret the other footage?  Can I just edit the whole thing natively and then export it?  What are the hurdles I will encounter?  My intention is to cut a trailer for funding and post to the web, but if all goes well this will need to be exported for screening at festivals, so I really need to be set up for the highest quality possible from the start.


      FYI:  I'm shooting at 50fps with the Sony as it is doing a lot of hand-held following paddlers and I intend to slow it down, both half speed, and possible slower with Timewarp.


      Thank you very much for your thoughts.