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    Why do I get Spaces when I add a new line?

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      Finally broke down and have retired HomeSite+.  Not sure that is a good idea though... A few things are bugging me about ColdFusion Builder 2 such as:


      I have auto indent turned on for tabs only and a tab is set to 3 spaces wide. I have done this in every editor setting under Preferences (ColdFusion, General, HTML, and Java) yet if the line I am working on has more than one tab as an indent every time I press return I get 3 spaces in place of one of the tabs.  How do I make that go away???


      In my CFML Formatting Profile I have Tag Case and Attribute Case set to upper case yet they always show up lower case.  How do I fix that?


      More often than not when I type a closing angle bracket on a line (>) the ending tag does not appear, and when it does it is always lower case and not upper case.


      Now I remember why I stuck with HomeSite for as long as I did.  It worked the way it was supposed too!!!  :O


      Seriously, I know these are trivial types of things but I am pretty anal when it comes to the formatting aspects of my code and CF Builder is making it harder to do than it should be.   Any help at all would be appreciated!!!

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          The more I use ColdFusion Builder 2 the more I miss HomeSite.  The list of undesirable features for this POS development grows daily along with my frustration!!!  If Adobe is serious about being a player in the development space then they need to fix their development environements!!!  h is every time I


          My latest ***** is every time I open up my preferences and select ColdFusion -> Profiles -> Editor -> Formatter it hangs.  Great thanks...


          Let see I now get ending angle brackets every time I type in a variable for things like CFLOOP but it doesn't add the </CFLOOP> unless I first delete the > that it put in first.  When it adds </CFLOOP> it is lower case even though I want it upper case.  Weired thing is when the closing </CFQUERY> tag is addded it is upper case.


          Can you guys just bring back HomeSite please???  That was a solid development environment that worked!!!  Or should I just give up on CF???  After a decade plus of developing in CF I am getting close to never using it again!!!  And this POS development environment is a big reason why!!!   >:(