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    Workflow recommendations to conserve data usage

    bford225 Level 1

      hey i was wondering when yall would put ps touch on for phones. like the iphone. because thats my new thing ill be getting. i already have ps touch on my ipad 2 16 gb. um. i am wondering. i know iphone users have to have a data plan to acces there data. so for verizon. you can pay  $30 for a 2 of data, and i am wondering. lets say i had an un finished project. and its in psd or psdx file format. now. i am going out to dinner with the family. and i dont want to bring in my ipad. so i just bring my iphone. now i have ps touch on the iphone. if i acces my adobe creative cloud through the app. will it kill my data plan to dowload that psd for psdx file from the adobe creative cloud? over wifi i can do that with no problem. but becasue i will be paying for data. my phone bill will go up. so my other question. is which file format do you recomend just for ps touch on the iphone? to edit and work in.


      right now. i have the basic plan, and i pay $39.99 a month. plus $10 texting for 1000 text.  now as i said i am planing to upgrade to an iphone soon. what you think?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Bford225,


          This is kind of a hard thing to answer because its hard to know exactly how you intend to use the app and the projects within it. Downloading lots of large images could become pretty data intensive. I guess my advice would be to monitor your usage early on closely to ensure it is not getting excessive and only work with image dimensions that make sense, like image dimensions that match the camera or intended output such as for use online.



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            greule Adobe Employee

            You can directly sync Photoshop Touch projects (psdx)  across different devices (iPhone/iPad+including you desktop machine). You can also import a psd file from the creative cloud as a flattened png.


            Hope that answers you question.