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    webservice call works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer


      I have a .NET web service hosted in IIS.  it worked fine for a long time until we moved the app outside of the firewall.  Now there is a proxy in front of it that uses URL rewrite and Basic Authentication, and the service call works fine in Firefox but bombs in IE/Chrome.



      The web method is defined



      public string PNG_To_Server(byte[] pngFile, int width, int height, string BBOX, string layerName)


      where the pngfile is a png encoded byte array.  I have a similar method in the same web service that takes a byte array as a parameter, but it is sent from a filereference object. It works fine.



      If the web.config file on the proxy is changed, specifically the line

      <authentication mode="Windows" />

      (like changing it to Forms, and then back), it will work in IE ONE TIME, and then goes back to failing.



      the error I trap is SOAP Version Mismatch.



      Also, the method works fine from any browser when Fiddler is turned on, which would make me think there is a certificate problem - but we are using a commercially signed cert on the proxy.



      I'm really under the gun on this one and would appreciate any help.  We've been going round and round on this for weeks.