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    Disc cashe folder warning! why am i getting this?

    dnice423 Level 1

      When i open up after effects i get this warning "Your disk cache folder is on a drive that does not have enough available space to safely store the full amount secified in your preferences. please make more space available or go to media & disk cache preferences to change the folder or maximum disk cache size"  I think this is slowing up my whole suite. I clear my disc cache folder all the time and i still get this warning. How can i fix this? Also this is a 2 part question if it can be answered i think it may have to do with the first question. When i try to add a cross dissolve in premiere pro i get this "insufficient media. this transition will contain repeated frames" Does anyone know why im getting this? and what i can do to fix it.


      thanx, any help is much appeciated