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    annoying save error popup


      I am new to this Adobe Community and form creation. I just this afternoon created my account and am working on my first ever document. While working on a form in formscentral, a popup continues to appear that says, "Your document could not be saved. Check to make sure you have the appropriate permissions level." It also appears when I hit the manual save button. It appears to do this at random times and intervals making it very difficult to work. I cannot find any setting to correct this problem and it should not be a problem as I created the account.


      Can someone please help me figure out what is causing this and how to fix it?


      Please help.




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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          To help solve the problem,  could you tell me what OS, web browser that you are using?  Are you able to take a screen shot of the popup?  Could you share the form with me so I can take a look at the problem?  My email address is perrylee@adobe.com.   Please share the form with my email address.



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            I am also getting this error message.  I just signed up today and am trying to create my first form.  Here is what the pop up looks like.




            I basically can't do anything at this point because every time I try to make changes or save or try to open the form as a PDF it doesn't allow me to, just gives me this error.  Do you know how to fix this?


            Thank you!