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        elainecc Adobe Employee

        Could you send us your file for us to play with?  We might be able to figure it out on our end.





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          londonbailey Level 1

          Yeah, I'm experiencing the same problem all the time at present. A simple copy and paste of a rectangle keeps crashing with the 'An error occured. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate' message.


          It seems to be that I'm able to make one copy, either by right-clicking the object on the stage and selecting duplicate, or by doing the same from the Elements panel, but when I come to copy again (regardless whether its copying a copy or the original shape), the message appears up everytime.


          I've uninstalled and reinstalled Edge, and worked on new files in completely new folders, but the same bug keeps on rearing its head.


          For info, I'm working on version on Windows 8.


          Any help greatly appreciated..



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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, londonbailey-


            It would really help us if we could get the problem composition.  Does this work for you on new compositions, or do you have cut/paste issues there as well?  Thanks,



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              londonbailey Level 1

              Hi Elaine,


              Thanks for your response. I'm new to the Adobe forums, and it's not obvious how I can send you the composition?


              Besides, it happens on every single new composition I create, so it's not a problematic composition, but a very real and troubling bug.


              I switched over to working on the Mac version yesterday and did not experience the error at all.


              But, it should be easy for you to recreate the bug on Windows 8. All you need to do is:


              1) Create a new composition

              2) Draw a shape (doesn't matter which)

              3) Set a keyframe (doesn't matter which property you're setting it for)

              4) Scrub the playhead and change the property value to create a new keyframe

              5) Duplicate (sometimes it crashes on this first duplication, most times on any subsequent duplication)


              In lieu of the actual composition, I'll link a screen grab of the bug occuring a couple of times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJAKQhwabtQ&feature=youtu.be





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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, Andrew-


                I was able to reproduce the bug on my side.  The good news (for me) is, it's already fixed in the latest version of Animate.  It also happens both on Mac and Win, so you're probably unable to escape it.  That being said, there is another way to do exactly what you want to do: copy your element, either from your Elements Panel or the Timeline Panel, and right-click in the same panel.  Select "Paste Special" > "Paste All."  Your assets and all of its transitions will be pasted as if you had selected "Duplicate."  I've just confirmed that the crash doesn't happen in that case.


                Thanks for submitting such a detailed report - it really helped in being able to reproduce the issue on my side.  Hopefully the workaround is simple enough to use in day to day work.





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                  i have version

                  and I just today started getting that error again... after all this time since 1.5


                  I unistalled, the re-installed with no help.


                  even when I simply start a new project, make a shape, and try to copy or duplicate it in any way.

                  I get a very un-infomative error that says:

                  "An error occurred. Please save yout work and restart Edge Animate."

                  restarting does nothing to help...


                  and "Edge Animate" is STILL not an available option on the bug report....

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                    mlprouty Level 1

                    Did anybody figure out this problem?  I am still getting it in version


                    It is a severe problem.




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                      mlprouty Level 1

                      Adobe needs to post minimum system requirements.  This error does not occur with the latest Maveric operating system and an Intel Core i7 processor.

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                        Thenuk De Silva Level 1

                        Im getting a problem with my launch of it. Ive never used edge animate yet because I cant launch it. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled I still get this same message below.

                        The error message says its sise by side configuration is incorrect.

                        And then it says look at event log or command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

                        What is wrong

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                          I am getting this error probably the exact way as you are. When I click on an object in the timeline or on the stage, and hit command + C, it gives me a popup "An error occurred" and "you have to restart the program" . It seems to be fine as long as I click on the object, do command+C, then de-select the object, and switch to the file I want to paste it into. But sometimes it just breaks randomly. It seems to happen only when I copy, not when I paste.


                          I am on a Mac G5 with 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon and I"m on OS X 10.8.5

                          4 GB memory

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                            As I've read through this chain it looks like this still wasn't answered even though it says it was.  There was a work around given and said it was "fixed" in the latest version and it was not.  I have uninstalled all versions and reinstalled the newest version and it's still giving the error.  I've tried to submit this through the support site and was asked like here in this chain to submit the project.  I did and was told they didn't get the email though it went through.  This happens every time I've tried to create a simple animation on any project and basically can't use the product.  This is very frustrating and would like a real answer posted to this or any of the other posts about this constant issue please.  If it is fixed in the newest version how do we remove the oldest version so that it doesn't keep corrupting the new one?  Why is this happening?  I don't understand how people even use this product with this issue happening all the time.  I even tried this with my Mac (was on Win 8.1 PC) and it has the same exact issue.


                            Thank you,


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                              josém84080888 Level 1

                              Hello, this might sound stupid, but in my case, the problem was that the folder where my files were saved, had a special character (é) in its name. I changed the name of the folder and everything is just fine now.

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                                fedepena Level 1

                                Thanks for the tip Jose. I'm afraid I've got no accented characters in the folder's name. Seems like a nasty bug Adobe has not taken care of.

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                                  mlprouty Level 1

                                  I think it is a hardware issue. Our 32 bit mac has this problem. Our 64 bit macs do not. This discussion board does not appear to be monitored very well by Adobe.

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                                    fedepena Level 1

                                    I just checked my Mac and it has a 64-bit processor. I agree: Adobe seemed to have abandoned us here.

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                                      fedepena Level 1

                                      Hi Elaine, this question should not be marked as answered.

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                                        mlprouty Level 1

                                        I had a problem and I even sent a private message to elainefinnell She is either not doing her job or is overworked. I called 1-800-833-6687 and got some professional help. It seems it would be better if Adobe answered questions on this discussion board to prevent support calls. Best of luck! If you call, please mention that you are not getting any help here. One answer here could prevent many support calls.


                                        Let us know if you get your problem resolved.

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                                          elainecc Adobe Employee

                                          Hi, guys-


                                          Wow, I didn't expect such a flurry of responses on such an old thread! The bug was resolved last year, but it could be possible that it's crept back in during the latest releases. Please note: 1. I no longer work on the Edge Animate team (haven't been on the team in over a year), and so therefore do not represent the engineering team, and 2. I am not a support engineer and never have been (I work on a product development team), and so therefore can't be expected to have an immediate turnaround time on a product I don't support.


                                          I will, however, contact the current team and highlight the issue for you. Hopefully, we'll be able to get a resolution for you!




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                                            Hi miprouty,

                                            I couldn't able to reproduce this issue in latest Edge Animate GM build(2014.1.1.386.33201).I have tried copy-paste,duplicate and having a file in a folder containing special character.

                                            I tried it on Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS 10.9 & 10.10 (64 bit) .

                                            Please let me know if the issue is still reproducible with the latest EA GM build . If so , please give me the system specifications.




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                                              Christoph Letmaier

                                              Hi there!


                                              I was facing this problem slightly different: everytime when I tryed to copy and paste selected keys to another element on the stage, Adobe Edge Animate crashed - but with no error message, the program just quited.


                                              Now: I work on Windows 7 - I had a persisting problem, each time I clicked right in the explorer on a favorite-entry, windows explorer just crashed. I solved this problem with the tool "ShellExView". An right-click-extension for windows explorer caused the crash, named "DesktopContext Class" from NVIDIA. I disabled this extension in ShellExView, windows explorer stopped crashing AND also the copy/past procedure in Edge Animate work now without any error or crash.


                                              Perhaps this will help someone else, too.





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                                                Edward at overend Level 1

                                                Still having this issue. Please Adobe allocate some resources to this. I know it is just a preview

                                                app but it works great when it works.




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                                                  londonbailey Level 1

                                                  Sorry, Edward, but Adobe has mothballed Edge Animate and is no longer supporting it in any way. Your only option is Adobe Animate CC now.

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                                                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    What version are you using? What OS?