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    RH7, Perforce, and working offline

    jdfranklin Level 1

      I've just revised a number of Help pages using RH7. These pages originally were in RH5. I access and update my files via the Perforce configuration management system.

      For technical reasons, I've had to work offline. Now it's time to sync up my workspace with the depot. I've only worked on about eight files or so, but I'm concerned that a great many files were actually updated behind the scenes as a result of porting the project over from RH5 to RH7.

      Here's my question:

      I'm new to RH, and I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the myriad file extensions in the application. I'm using RH7 HTML, and my output is an .htm file. Would anyone know if I can just diff the files I've actually "worked" on (i.e. the actual HTML pages), or are there other files -- fpj files, project files, SSL files, HHK files, IGN files, PPF files, SYN files (you get the idea) -- that I must diff and mark for edit using Perforce?

      Thank you very much.