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    Adobe ID problem (and authorizing to computer)


      Someone else just posted a similar question but that topic seems to be closed. I have had ADE on my desktop for several years. I didn't use it often but I did have several books on it that I liked. Now I have a Nook and will probably want to use it more often so I wanted to update it. My user ID was an old defunct e-mail address and I wanted to change my ID to a current address to avoid confusion.


      I followed the instructions in the previous post and using CTRL-SHIFT-D I deleted my old ID and then I entered a new one. Now I see that I cannot access my books and furthermore I cannot re-authorize my PC with the new ID.


      Now that I re-read the other persons post, I see that the answer said this will happen, so I was warned but I acted too quickly.  So is there anything that I can do to sort this all out? Are my books lost forever?


      Even if I have lost my books, I would like to have this installed and working correctly. Thanks in advance


      PS Also a separate question. Is there a manual for ADE? Where do you find info on controls such as the CTRL-SHIFT-D that was mentioned previously?

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          sjpt Level 4

          To read your old books you need to use your old ID.

          If you still remember the password for it, it doesn't matter too much that it uses an old email.

          You can deauthorize your computer, and reauthorize it with your old id.

          Also deauthorize any devices you have authorized with your new id (ctrl-shift-E to ADE with device plugged in), and reauthorize.


          If you want to change the emails around so that the old ID is associated with your new email, you can change the emails for the ids.  If you are going to do this, do it before reauthoizing your computer.

          1. You must first log on to your new ID on the web and change its email to something different (probably doesn't even have to be a real email, not sure).  Now forget about that new ID for ever.
          2. You then log off and log into your old ID on the web and change its email to your new email.
          3. Now you should be able to register computers and devices with you old ID but new email.


          To change email associated with an id see http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-publishing-suite/kb/changing-id-email.html

          1. Navigate to http://www.adobe.com.
          2. Click the Sign-in link at the upper-right corner of the screen.
          3. Sign in with the existing email address and password.
          4. Click the user name in the upper-right corner and choose My Information.
          5. Change the email address (and password if you like) and click
            the Save my Changes button.

          If you have forgotten the password to the old ID and the email is now defunct, you will have to contact Adobe support  (live chat at http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html may be able to help)



          F1 should give help on ADE. 

          It's pretty bad software, designed by someone without knowledge of the first principles of UI design (such as discoverability).

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            daniel-k Level 1

            Thank you - that worked perfectly and best of all I didn't lose the books that I already had. That was my biggest worry. Otherwise I could have just started out clean.