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    PDFs created in InDD CS5 and CS6 crash when searching?

    SUNNIBEEMT Level 1

      When I try to search PDFs made from InDD CS5 or CS6 (full install, not cloud) on my Macs at work and at home, the application freezes (Force Quit shows "not responding).

      This happens especially with large books, but also with smaller stuff.

      I am on Snow Leopard on both machines and have been having this problem for over a year.

      Originally I thought is was because some documents were created way back in CS2 and kept being upstepped as I upgraded versions.

      Now I am beyond those old pubs, and the problem still exists.

      I thought upgrading to CS6 would help, but it hasn't.

      Sometimes I can search and get the first one or two instances of a word, but it still freezes.

      It even happens with factory PDF settings such as "PRESS."

      And yes, I have emptied the PDF cache.


      I can't figure out if this is an InDD problem or Acrobat X.


      There doesn't seem to be anything on the forums that I can find, either.

      Any suggestions?