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    CS6 PhotoShop hanging when opening PDFs - help?

    jamesd89 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm IT support to a team of studio artists who are having some issues with our newly upgrade CS6 Premium suite (Mac OS 10.6 + Mac OS 10.8).


      Situation: (Mac OS 10.6 problem) someone will be working on a 2GB network file, and tries to open a PDF to import elements into the current document. Machine has 12GB RAM (7 allocated to PS, 2 free, the rest used with OS/other apps).


      After choosing the PDF file, the window will pop up and become 'stuck' in front of all other windows, all other programs. Activity Monitor describes PS as hung (red text) but Finder still recognises it as working (but will not show the program title in the menu bar). It is possible to CMD+TAB between programs, and the pallets recognise mouse-over actions but are unresponsive to click. Again, "Import" window is on top of all other windows, and can be moved but does not respond to mouse clicks.


      Activity Monitor also shows intense disk activity (60-80MB/s) on local volumes. It appears not to be network activity though (while hanging, 50-150KB/s). RAM allocation doesn't change during this time.


      If you can be patient enough, the system often recovers PS, but this can take a few minutes.


      The extreme disk activity implies that PS is processing on the scratch disk, but what or why is it doing this, and is there any way to disable it. Would it have anything to do with Background Save or Autosave? Something to do with purging memory?


      Any advice is appreciated.



      James D.

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