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    Is it possible to repair an Organizer catalog after a power outage?

    K J 27

      I recently had a power outage while I was exporting some photos from Organizer and was unable to open Organizer after that.  I posted a question on Feb 25 at 6:45pm, and Andaleepfatima1 recommended some actions that were very helpful in my being able to set up a second catalog.  I can now go into Organizer using catalog #2, and then into catalog #1 using the catalog manager to switch catalogs.  I still cannot go directly into catalog #1 where all of my albums, slide shows, etc. are.  I repopulated catalog #2 with my photos, and tried to redo an album, but the pictures that I sent into the album display as being very blury, etc.  When I leave Organizer to shut down, I have to leave from Catalog #2 so that I can get back in through it, because I can't start the program if Catalog #1 is the "current" catalog.  Is there any way that I can repair catalog #1's files so that I can get back to normal with the program?  I was using Organizer for all of my organizing.  PSE10, Windows 7, 12GB RAM.  Thank you very much for any ideas you might have.