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    Camera Glitching Problem? Help!


      I'm fairly new to AE and watched a tutorial on making a nebula thingy. I made it fine and have had no trouble, but for the last 2 days i have spent trying to fix my camera glitching problem. I have to keyframes for my camera, obviousl ythe start and the finish keyframe. But in the keyframes, my nebula thing, keeps glitching back to previous frames. Im not really good at discribing it, so i just screen recorded it so you could see. I have checked countless times to make sure there is no keyframes on anything else, there isn't. I lookoed it up, some say it could be the "boomerang effect" I tried to chhange the keyframes to linear keyframes (as they are at the time of the screen recording), obviously still glitching. I also tried to change the keyframes to "hold keyframes" as another suggested solution, i still get random glitching. So as a final solution, here i am. Not sure if you need to know the stats of my computer, but if you do here they are (iMac late 2012/early 2013, 3.7 Ghz, i7, 8gb of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB). I have also exported the project to a mov file, the glitches are still there. Also, it is supposed to stop abruptly like that at the end.



      Here is the link to the screen recorded problem:






      Also, im using After Effects CS6, Knoll lIght Factory, Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Shine.



      Thanks, Hope someone could help.