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    Director for my project?

      Hi there,

      I'm in the process of researching the feasability in developing my next project in Director. I've already determined that Flash won't be able to do everything I would like (Breeze doesn't fulfill my requirements either). My goal is to create an internal whiteboard system that supports multiple content types ie. QuickTime, Real etc.

      I've read a lot of articles regarding Director and it seems like it will do what I want but I wanted to know how easy/realiable the technology would be once I finish coding it. Here are my requiments:
      - The ability to dynamically connect to a server and "share" the window just like Breeze.
      - The ability to download and store video content to the users harddrive then pull it up on request (remotely).
      - Control element types such as QuickTime, Real, WMA ie. support for play, stop, stepping are very important.
      - Communicate through voice or webcam.
      - On server end access other scripting languages to perform more intense server-side functions such as file manipulation and other command-line functions.

      It seems ambitious and I have no knowledge of Director but I am a Flash user.

      An experts help would be greatly appreciated =)
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          As you say, that is a very ambition project. Trying to do that many different tasks is often impossible in one application, particularly integrating web-based real-time voice/video (the programs dedicated to nothing but that often have problems working reliably).

          For viewing other media, it is pretty reliable if you have control over the format of the media, and have good coding. Since there are so many ways to compress media on the two platforms, it is always a challenge to insure that "any" media will play correctly.

          Director can do a lot, but trying to build an application that does everything is a big challenge.
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            An experienced author might find this a challenge and it's the sort of app that could take a long time to reach full functionality and debug.

            Have you considered any off the shelf packages such as DAM servers or media server software? They're not cheap but they seem to be exactly what you're describing.