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    Which system is better for my CS4

    kishoreda Level 1



      I had a PC Duo CPU 2.80GHZ with Intel Chip(R) Core(TM)

      with Windows 7 Ultimate and Installed memory 6GB Total memory 3GB

      Available Physical memory 1.70GB

      Total Virtual memory memory 6GB

      Available virtual M 4.51GB


      Earlier I asked a friend here , since I have 6GB Ram why my PC is so slow , and he replied b/c I am using 32 bit version windows. I have 64 Bit too, but I heard most plug ins wont work with my PC, and honestly I don't have the money to buy the 64 version of all my plug ins.


      Recently I bought  Compaq CQ5700F Presario PC for $110 with a 500GB HD , brand new , but the seller hooked up the HD wrong and he thought the HD is bad, which is not , so I connected the cables properly and now my new PC with Home Premium win 7 works and I believe I can upgrade the memory to 8GB. my Question for you all is :

      Which PC is gonna handle my footage better , I can upgrade my Compaq to 8GB Ram  or my old PC is gonna handle my footage , which is mostly 1080p 24fps


      or suggest some hardware minimum cost to handle my footage


      Any help will be appreciated greatly.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          For CS4 it makes no difference, it is a 32 bit application and will run best under a 32 bit OS. If run on a 64 bit OS,  CS4 may require to be run in compatibility mode. With that hardware there is no sense in upgrading to a more recent version, since that requires a complete new system and the cost for something that works halfway decent is $ 1K or more.