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    Expert advice needed

      I run a non-profit arts group and we want to redesign the display in public places with the thought of using another program other than director such as after affects to display art and images. I would like to be able to correspond with an expert regarding this hopefully someone in the bay area.
      Thanks, Athena
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          BSpero Level 1
          You're probably looking for someone who can work in Flash. After Effects is more of a video compositing tool, but not an interactive program like Director or Flash. I would look for a Flash programmer in your area.
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            1serg1 Level 1

            If you just want to display the art/images and not have interactivity, After Affects or Apple's Motion will work. Both have 3D capabilities and a lot more razzle dazzle than Director. I'm assuming you want to do a video presentation. Either one of these will do a professional job.