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    Authentication & sticky connection: empty renderID

    katrienj Level 1



      We've got the following set-up:


      Front-end LB

      --> WEB1

           ---> Pub1: renderID: WEB1PUB1

           ---> Pub2: renderID: WEB1PUB2

      ---> WEB2

           ---> Pub1: renderID: WEB2PUB1

           ---> Pub2: renderID: WEB2PUB2


      Sticky connection is enabled on the dispatchers. Front-end LB also as sticky conn enabled.


      When a visitor logs in, a renderID cookie is created. We've got 4 different render IDs at the moment, as we like to see via the cookie where a user is connected to (this is only for debugging reasons, we can rename them later).


      The problem is that when the user tries to login, ANOTHER render ID cookie is created with an empty string value?


      Shortly after that happens we get logged out.


      Can someone tell me if they've seen this before where an empty renderID cookie is created and if this caused problems.