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    Captured Canon XH-A1 mpg file in CS6 audio & video out of sync


      Hello everybody,


      for a short film I was given three mpg files, which have been captured with Premiere CS4.

      Now as I try to import those files in either Premiere or AfterEffects CS6 there is a 4-7sec lag between the audio and the video.

      If I open the file with, e.g. VLC or Windows Media Player it´s perfect. But as soon as there is a CS6 product in sight - boom!

      Even if I try to export the mpg to whatever codec in MediaEncoder - boom!

      The same file on my old CS4 system is just fine - further more - if I open the CS6 project on my old CS4 computer ....well, just guess what...perfect.


      Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


      Of course - software is up-to-date and I´ve tried to delete the media cache and re-import the file.