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    Group element


      Just a quick and simple question. I have signup for a free account and create a sample form to check it features before I upgrade. Here is the link to the sample form I created https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=khMbdJ0A9CD8P8lhoSiSJA. You will notice that it has 3 element per block, an image a formatted text and a textbox. Now my question, if the user answers the question how will I be able to know if the answer goes to the first image without me needing to see the form to verify that the first answer goes to the first image and so on. coz if I have more than 100 images, it will be a pain to verify each answer. So it would be best to have the element enclose in a group or atleasr have a hidden field that will identify that the answer goes to the first image.


      Follow up question: Is it also possible to move the input box right below the formatted text so it does need to be on the bottom to save space?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          When you have repeating questions within the form design you can provide unique names to the columns in the responses table to allow you to easily differentiate between the fields. The screenshot below shows a before/after view of two "Do you like this image?" fields being renamed to "Do you like image 1?" and "Do you like image 2?" - note that this change does not impact the label of the fields in the fillable form.



          As shown in the image below, the updated column names will be used in the email notifications.




          Regarding the position of the field, it's currently not possible to position it directly beneath the text to the right of the image.


          Let me know if you have any questions.




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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            After you have created your fields you could go into the "Responses" tab of the form and edit each "Do you like this image" column and add something to identify which image it refers to there, that will not change the label in the form so the user would still see "Do you like this image" but you would see the image name too in the response table.


            On the follow up question, our layout options do not currently support the type of layout you are asking for (two fields aligned with a single field). 




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              JohnnyDCruz Level 1

              Thanks! I didn't know I edit that field.