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    Workflow for many sequences

    HakanErn Level 1


      I am making many (100+) short educational movies. They are of four different categories, each has its "design", that is the background is similar, titles are the same and the content is in the same order.

      Some of the titles and clips are also shared between the movies in the different categories.

      Now I put all sequenses in one project, I just wanted to check with you pros, if this is the best way of handling a project like this?


      Also - if I have let say 1 min part of a clip in a sequence, and want to use that clip (with titles and everything) once again in that sequence - is there a more simple way of handeling this, than - as I do now - cutting out the part, copy the part, and pasting it where I want the "replay" to be?



      Thanks in advance,