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    Bevel effect with artifact

    jesse63 Community Member

      I have created a nice typographic logo encapsulated in two underlaying outline shapes, one of them has a bevel effect applied to it. It looks terribly nice, except for one spot on the entire length of the path. The path has no compound in it, and there only good curved anchor point around that area. So I do not understand why Illustrator creates a bugger right there.


      Created from ground up in Illustrator CS4, no autotrace used.


      Can anyone point me in the direction of a solution to this issue?




      Thanks for any feed back



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          DrStrik9 Community Member

          All I can think of is that there may be some kind of issue with the originating path. Check for extra points along the edge that don't show up with flat colors.

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            John Danek Community Member

            Have you tried Expanding the effect?  It looks like an Open path.

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              jesse63 Community Member

              Hi John and DrStrik9 – thanks for your suggestions


              Examining the path does not reveal any oddities – none that catches my eye at least. I have tried expanding the effect, and it clearly shows that AI has chosen to make some sort of transition on that precise spot.


              The peculiar thing is, that when I rotate the whole thing (non expanded effect), the artifact moves along the path, still keeping its position in the upper right corner. This implies to me, that this issue has nothing to do with a defective path.


              I have attached a screen shot og the expanded effect.


              What do you think?


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                MW Design CommunityMVP

                Could make guesses for a long time, or take the time to try and recreate the art and effects. But it would be easier if you provided a sample file demonstrating the effect.


                Call me lazy on the recreate thing.



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                  jesse63 Community Member

                  Couldn't agree more. File can be found here:








                  best j.

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                    [scott] Community Member

                    Seems to be because that's where the path closes on itself.


                    You can add additional anchors in that corner and move the spot, but I can't seem to eliminate it. I can move it by adding additional anchors tot he path, but it takes a great many anchors to shift it to some place less noticable.


                    Seems to be an issue with the path and the bevel applied to it. Perhaps the "Tail Round" is overlapping itself??? Looks like a bug or at the very least a glitch.


                    I don't think there's really a solution with the existing artwork. Best you could do is add anotehr object on top (Gradient Mesh) to cover it. Not sure if that's an option.

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                      jesse63 Community Member

                      Thank you for your looking into the case scott w !


                      Even though the problem can't be solved through proper handling of the effect, at least it's a small consolation that it does not originate from incompetent handling of the application.


                      Thanks again