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    How do I "enable" a client with their KEY?

    jvr Level 1
      I have a new client who insisted that they be able to use Contribute as their CMS, no problems with that. So I d/l and finally installed the trial to see the app itself, and it looks fine for a client to be able to use. I also learned how to login to the test website via the FTP setup, no problems at all. But the client is pretty "challenged" when it comes to computers. They also just said "send us the .stc file" i.e. the KEY and we'll use that to setup our version on our computer.

      Question is, how do I generate such a .stc KEY file to send to them. In XML, it's simply an encrypted string....but I do not yet see nor can I find anyway to generate same using the trial version.

      Help here guys? Can I do that using the TRIAL, or do I need to buy same? A waste of $ far as I'm concerned, but hey, the client needs the KEY!


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          ThinkInk Level 2
          In the menu go to:

          1. Edit, Administer websites, pick your site
          2. In Users and Roles select the role your client will have (Publisher f.i.)
          3. On the right click the button Send Connection Key
          4. Create the key including ftp-settings
          5. Save the key to your harddisk and mail the key to your client (maybe it needs to be zipped, for some providers block the .stc files)