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    Blithe and Bonny

      Hi there,


      I sell handmade items on Etsy.  Currently I take photos with a digital camera, upload them to my PC, upload them to Photoshop Express for editing, re-save them to my PC, then upload them to Etsy.  Quite an involved process.  I was wondering if the Photoshop/Adobe relationship could possibly make this process easier for me.  Could I upload my pics directly from my camera to Revel, do my edits there, and send them right over to Etsy?



      Emily P "technically challenged but getting there..."

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Emily

          I looked at the Photoshop Express as I think the work flow that you are currently using would be best. I understand that it could be difficult but you would have to download your images from Revel to your computer first then upload them to Etsy. You can share out an album of pictures for others to see, but I would suggest to continue to upload your images directly to Etsy. I know how it is to upload images to Etsy.



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            Blithe and Bonny Level 1

            Thanks Scott!  Always good to know that I'm doing things the right way