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    Help with password and authorization


      I had a problem with my Kobo recently and had to reinstall both the Kobo and ADE on my computer.  The 2.0 version did not work but I finally found the 172 and downloaded it. I cannot however get the 2 to connect and think I may have tried to many times.  I decide to try getting books on my IPad and did not know if I needed to set up a new adobe account , but since the other did not seem to want to authorize anything I set up a new one, same email but different password.  When I put the password in it kept telling me that it was the wrong one, and now I need to have my authorization count reset.  How do I do that and do I use the same login and password for my computer and my IPad.  My computer has Windows XP on it.  Please can you help as I am lost without a book to read.