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    Number of PayPal Fields on form


      I am putting together an online registration form for summer camps.  I need to have paypal entries for about 120 fields.  The scrolling window is not allowing me to enter that many fields.  Looks like PayPal will accept it, but the scrolling window under "Collect Payments" won't. 


      I click the top of the "Assign Field" button (because once I have about 100 fields, the top of the "assign field" button is the only part of it that I can see).

      I get the warning triangle/exclamation point because there is a field without an amount assigned, but I am not able to scroll down to enter the amount of the fee.


      I have attemtped in Firefox, Google Chrome, and as a last resort, Explorer.  None of the browsers are allowing me to do this. 

      I restarted my computer - did not make a difference.


      Is there a limit on the number of PayPal fields that can be added to any one form?