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    Metadata and the After Effects Project Link


      Here's one that could be very useful - when I render, I always leave the Project Link choice turned on. That way, if I lose track of the project I created the output from, I can always open the clip from within AE, choosing Project, and it finds the project based upon the embedded link. Great so far...


      What I want to be able to do is view the Metadata on the Project Link within Bridge, or in something else which will view Metadata, so that I don't have to open the clip in AE as a Project, then shut it down and open the project in the regular way, since opening as a project collapses the whole project into a folder, which I find inconvenient. Does any of this make sense? The Project Link has to live somewhere in the Metadata, but poring over it in Bridge, I have yet to find the project name anywhere in the "usual" Metadata. I assume the Project Link must be embedded, since there are no sidecars in my AE folders. Thanks...


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          It's embedded in the Quicktime metadata and can be viewed in Quicktime's Info panel. For anything beyond that you need to create XMP compatible metadata, which the project linke embedding is not.



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            joebourke Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply, Mylenium. Are you referring to QT Pro (which I don't own). The only thing greyed out in my QT Viewer (v 7.6.6, build 1671) is Show Movie Properties. Could this be where the project link lives? When I look in Show Movie Inspector, it's very basic info.


            Even using MediaInfo, an open source app, the Quicktime Project Link is nowhere to be found. My guess is this is Apple's little trick to force PC users to buy QT Pro...while I've used QT Pro in the past, it's not something I'm willing to pay 30 bucks for, especially since their upgrade path is pure extortion - full price every upgrade! So I may be stuck with opening the file in AE as a project...thank you for your help.

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              Mylenium -


                I found the information I needed - this is a huge one for me, since I organize all of my projects using Bridge - I just discovered that in Bridge, if you go into the XMP Metadata by right-clicking the .mov file, the window which opens has a Tab view - the second from the end is Advanced. If you then roll open the Schema entry, under creatorAtom:aeProjectLink (struct), lo and behold, there sits the project name with the full path!


              This is huge, in terms of being able to pinpoint the project which created the final output on my system.


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