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    Prbolem with Combobox using multiple Scenes in sigle fla

    neo canes

      Hello to all experts of flash action script.
      Here is one chanllange for all you guys.
      I am developing one application which contains xmlconnector and three combobox.
      I am populating data in combobox by binding them in the instance of the xmlconnector.
      there are two scenes in my fla file.
      1> Scene 1
      2> Scene 2

      first Scene 1 loads then Scene 2
      In Scene 2 i have Three combobox and one XmlConnector
      the instance names of the combobox are as follows
      The instance name of XmlConnector is "xmlfiledata"
      i am binding xml data into the comboboxes using xmlconnector.

      If there is one Scene in whole fla file then its works fine. Data are binded in to combobox
      But If there are more then one scene in single fla file then its not works. Data are not bindes into combobox.

      So, I want solution of this problem.
      I have to use two scenes in my file and I also want to bind the xmldata into the Combobox

      I hope any boddy can help me.