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    PP 6.0 on Mid 2011 iMac.   Helpful Suggestions, please?

    drtimecode Level 1

      Hey All,


      New here.  Used to cutting AVID but wanted to start using PP 6.0 on my iMac at home for personal and side projects.   Reading over the problems some are having with their iMacs, it's starting to look like I might be screwed, but I'm hoping there's a few solutions out there.


      My system:

      IMac, Mid 2011, 21.5.  16GB RAM,

      Graphics:  AMD Radeon HD 6770M

      storage: GTech 8 TB Thunderbolt.


      I'm running into constant crashes.  Two different projects so far. 


      1st Project is HDV footage from my old Sony camera.  Captured fine, seem to cut fine, but when I started dealing with some graphics and keying issues, PP6 would stop responding and I'd have to Force Quit out.


      2nd Project is a show reel for a friend.   I'm cutting pieces of his compositing work out of Large HD resolution AVI and MP4 files.  Basically he's grabbed copies of the films he worked on and I'm pulling clips from those.  This one crashes every 2 minutes just out of spite I think.


      I'm writing all that to find out if it's the media I'm using, or the system config, or if there's something else I'm unaware of, though I think most likely a combination.


      Again, ideally I won't be cutting a lot of HD material, or much long form, but I wanted a home editing solution that would work.  BTW.. I was running a AVID demo version with no issues.  sd


      Any helpful suggestions are appreciated!