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    Conditional text to Acrobat

    Jordy_Willems Level 1



      For our educational works (typesetting) we use conditional text for adding the solutions.

      At the end of the job we have to make 1 pdf with solutions and 1 without solutions.

      We don't use normal layers in Indesign because you have the problem that you can't anchor layers. So when there are a lot of corrections you always have to move your layers also, that's too much work.

      The big advantage of normal layers is that, when you make a pdf, acrobat takes that layers into the pdf.

      So then we can choose with the layer option of Acrobat that we want to view the answers or not (same like in Indesign).

      When we work with conditional text we don't find any option in Acrobat where I can switch off the conditional text.

      I'm afraid Acrobat 'flattens' the indesignfile...

      So my worry is that we now have to make a script for putting conditional text as a layer in Indesign at the end of the job and then make an e-pdf.

      Or is there a way in Acrobat I can see the 'layers' of conditional text like I see them in Indesign?


      Thanks in advance!